Bartholomew is the most notable Gosnold that lived. Born in 1571 at Otley in Suffolk England, he was one of England's greatest explorers during the Elizabethan age.

In 1602 he sailed to what we now know as New England where he named Cape Cod because of the fish in the bay and later Martha's Vineyard for his infant daughter Martha (although there are opinions it was for his mother-in-law, after whom his first born was named).

He returned to the New World in May of 1607 and was instrumental in helping to establish the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. Sadly Bartholomew and many others died soon after.

This site is a tribute to the achievements of Bartholomew Gosnold who is often referred to as the "forgotten man of history".
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My name is Andy Gosnold, I am the author of this site.  Bartholomew Gosnold was my first cousin 14 times removed.
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